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Christmas Gift Ideas: Our 2016 Top Five Playsets

Every year, we field calls and emails from customers eager to know the best value gift for toy soldiers. Our answer is: playsets! Purchase a plastic toy soldier playset and you provide a chance for a kid or adult enthusiast to set up and/or play a battle. Both sides in an engagement are represented, often with accessories like buildings or artillery to anchor the fun. The playsets are discounted heavily, and we ship them for free! View all our 131 playset on our website.

Back in the 1950-70s, the Sears Wish Book sears-wish-book-vintage-ad-with-fort-apache-and-the-alamocontained a range of playsets from Marx Toys. Many remember those pages fondly – and remember the excitement of finding a playset under the Christmas tree. Marx is no longer in business, but we carry recasts of their figures as well as models from many other manufacturers. Inspired by Marx, we’ve produced a huge variety of our own playsets for over thirty years. We offer painted versions of playsets in addition to unpainted ones. They don’t cost $7.95 as they did in the 1950’s, but our playsets offer great value.

Here’s a selection of our most popular playsets for 2016:

Deluxe Painted American Revolution Playset (45 pieces)...$279

Deluxe Painted American Revolution Playset (45 pieces)…$279 view/purchase

Battle Ready WW II D-Day Playset (109 pieces)...$119

Battle Ready WW II D-Day Playset (109 pieces)…$119 view/purchase

Deluxe Marx Recast Alamo Playset (222 pieces)...$169

Deluxe Marx Recast Alamo Playset (222 pieces)…$169  view/purchase

Deluxe Pickett's Charge Playset (392 pieces)...$299

Deluxe Pickett’s Charge Playset (392 pieces)…$299  view/purchase

Deluxe Vietnam War Jungle Battle

Deluxe Vietnam War Jungle Battle (191 pieces)…$279 view/purchase

View all our 131 playset on our website.

2016 Playset Spotlight: New Warsaw Pact vs NATO Playsets

playset-130g-detailNewly revised for 2016,we’ve reintroduced two of our popular “Red Storm Rising” Playsets. Inspired by the 1980s Tom Clancy book, these playsets employ period-specific figures and accessories including New Ray Russian and American tanks, a wide array of Cold War Era figures, and much more.

Supreme Red Storm Rising – NATO vs Soviet Playset

Throughout the 1970s and 80s the expectation of a Soviet-led invasion of Germany was one of the greatest fears in many military minds. This set recreates a grand-scale battle in that what-if scenario, involving 224 Soviet Troops and N.A.T.O. infantry, all in authentic modern uniforms (most of which are RARE, long-discontinued models from the 1970s and 1980s). The set comes with a huge array of accurate military hardware, including 4  Soviet T-80 and 2 American Abrams tanks, guided missile launchers, a helicopter. 3 armored personnel carriers, a U.S. truck and much more.  Read more…

playset-130g Supreme Red Storm Rising - NATO vs Soviets

Supreme Red Storm Rising – NATO vs Soviets Playset (497 pieces) $949.00

Super Deluxe Red Storm Rising – NATO vs Soviets Playset

A smaller version of the set, packed with the same quality figures and accessories.  Read more…

playset-130f Super Deluxe Red Storm Rising - NATO vs Soviets Super Deluxe Red Storm Rising - NATO vs Soviets

Super Deluxe Red Storm Rising – NATO vs Soviets (252 pieces) $439.00


2016 Playset Spotlight: Our New Vietnam War Playsets

playset-140b-detailEach spring, we review all of our playsets – currently there are 121 – and consider whether we should update their contents to reflect the appearance of new goods in their historical period, and also determine whether everything in them is still available. Many playsets are changed little or not at all, some are re-written, some are cast aside entirely and some are replaced with new sets which contain different assortments of goods from our huge inventory. The most exciting part of our annual playset review is the opportunity to create entirely new playsets which utilize items which have just come on the market. For 2016, some of the most exciting new sets have been a late-year rush of releases devoted to 20th century conflicts, including Vietnam, The Cold War and the Korean Conflict.

Vietnam War Playsets

2016 saw the release of Vietnam War 54mm plastic toy soldiers from Toy Soldiers of San Diego and Mars of Ukraine. These emboldened us to create our very first range of Vietnam War playsets. To these new figures we have added additional figures and accessories from New Ray, Marx Recast, BMC and even a beautifully sculpted fish tank aquarium decorative sculpture to create three Vietnam War Playsets.

Supreme Vietnam War Plantation Battle Playset

Although most of the French planters who once tilled the soil of their Southeast Asian colony departed when France lost its battle against the Viet Minh, a family stayed behind. Now, they are being rooted out by local Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Regular troops. The planters resist, aided by a handful of French veterans who chose to stay behind when their army returned to France. Read more…

playset-140b Supreme Vietnam War Plantation Battle Playset

Supreme Vietnam War Plantation Battle Playset (369 pieces) $689.00

Deluxe Vietnam War Jungle Battle

Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Regular troops face off against U.S. Marines and Infantry in a jungle battle featuring 54 authentically modelled figures. The set comes with a magnificent Southeast Asian ruined temple sculpture, an armed water craft reminiscent of a “swift boat,” an American helicopter, a surface-to-air missile launcher, a metal bridge and a jungle comprised of 45 palm trees plus much more! Read more…

playset-140a Deluxe Vietnam War Jungle Battle

Deluxe Vietnam War Jungle Battle (181 pieces) $279

Vietnam War Jungle Encounter

Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Regular troops face off against U.S. Marines and Infantry in a jungle battle featuring 32 authentically modelled figures, 18 palm trees plus much more. Read more…

playset-140 Vietnam War Jungle Encounter Playset

Vietnam War Jungle Encounter (95 pieces) $139


You can view our entire range of Toy Soldier Company playsets here.

Toysoldierco Spotlight: World War II Bundles pair the cream of the our WWII figures with the best accessories

We have had enormous success with our painted and unpainted World War II playsets over the years. These collections of figures and accessories, which recreate a battle (such as Bastogne), a campaign (like the Pacific Theater) or even just a moment in time (such as the taking of a bridge behind the lines on D-Day), have been popular ever since we reintroduced the concept of playsets back in the 1980s. But while our playsets are evergreens, selling through the year, they can be expensive. So as a way of giving the customer a taste of what a playset might contain, or even better, giving a moment in time from the bigger themed sets, I created our range of World War II Bundles. Each of these sets generally includes a set of painted figures plus a first-rate accessory, heavily discounted to make them all the more attractive to those on a budget. Like our playsets, the bundles recreate a moment, a snapshot of soldiers in action.

BRP000913 US Infantry and Form Tech Ruin

Deetail WWII American Bundle #4 – Building Defense
This is a combination of a classic Form Tech multi-room ruined building (made of expanded foam resin) with a set of discontinued, fully-painted Britains Deetail U.S. Infantrymen, released for just one year back in 2003.
(Click on the picture to view on our website)

BRP000914 Japanese and CTS Chi Ha resized

Deetail WWII Japanese Bundle #1 – Chi-Ha Attack
This grouping includes a fully painted CTS Japanese Chi-Ha tank in authentic camouflage, plus 12 currently-produced Britains Deetail fully-painted Japanese Infantry.
Click on the picture to view on our website.

BRP000912 German Bundle 7 with CTS PZ IV side armor resized

Deetail WWII German Bundle #6 – Up-Armored PZ IV
We haven’t offered these discontinued, fully-painted Britains Deetail Germans, produced for just one year in 2003, in over a decade. But here we pair them with the CTS Panzer IV tank with side armor plates, painted in authentic camouflage as it would have been fielded in the Russian Campaign.
Click on the picture to view on our website.

If you’d like to look through all our World War II Bundles (currently numbering 31), just click here to see them all on our website: World War II Bundles.

Playset Spotlight: Super Deluxe Painted D-Day Playset

Jamie shot a video after photographing the 2013 Super-Deluxe D-Day Playset. You can view the full gallery of images from the playset shoot on our website here.

Playset Spotlight: Grand Super Deluxe Pacific Playset – New for 2013

We’ve just added to the website an expanded range of World War II Painted Pacific Playsets, including this Grand Super Deluxe version, which now features a new product for us: explosions!  (You can view this playset on our website here). Here’s a photo gallery of the playset:

Playset Spotlight: Super Deluxe Untouchables Playset

Fall is upon us, and with it, the final phase of our annual playset preparation marathon. We begin in April and May, when new playsets are imagined and created in a spreadsheet program. June, July and August are traditionally the months when we set up and photograph the new sets. September, October and Early November are the launch dates of our new sets, and the months when the photos taken over the summer are processed in Photoshop. The production of our wide range of these all-in-one collections is the defining activity of every year, and has been so since we began making our own range of playsets in 1986.

One of the most exciting improvements we are introducing in our new web site is the ability to display more than one photo of a given product. And, since many of our playsets are quite large, the opportunity to show closeups of specific elements of a given set is very. very exciting to me.

Take, for example, our large painted playsets, which took months to develop, gathering figures and accessories from different international manufacturers which were then packaged into a range of integrated collections.

In this blog post you can see the photos from one of my favorites subjects: the Untouchables. I had great fun last summer spending a day setting up these mini-dioramas to photograph. If you’d like you can view the Super Deluxe Untouchables Playset on the website by clicking here.  Or check out the gallery of pictures below. Click on any photo to expand it to full-page size.

TSCPCS03-093e Super Deluxe Painted Untouchables for 2013