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Our Spring 2021 Flyer – now ready for viewing

Because we began as a mail order company long before there was an internet, we’ve always employed print materials to showcase our goods. We now print a short flyer every one or two months. Our latest issue is now available for viewing in pdf format. We enclose the printed version with every order. Click on the image to view the flyer in pdf format.


Click to view in pdf format

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W. Britains ‘War Along the Nile’ range now in stock!


W. Britain’s new range of metals has been a long time coming, but it’s well worth the wait. The Black Watch Highlanders are always a favorite among collectors, and these kilt-clad troops in red tunics and white sun helmets are the very essence of the Britain’s line. As a child (and to this day), I prized my “Scotties” and placed them front and center in displays and on the war game table. The current range fits in well for all the late 19th Century campaigns where the 42nd fought, including the Indian Mutiny, the Ashanti Wars (1874) and Cyprus (1878). The regiment was amalgamated into the Black Watch in 1881, they served under their new name during the Anglo Egyptian War at Tel el-Kebir, the First and second battles of El Teb in 1884, the Battles of Abu Klea and Kirbekan in 1885.

The centerpiece is the magnificent Egyptian Artillery Team with Krupp Gun. Priced at $180, this is a available in limited quantities.



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