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New for 2017: American Revolution Tri-Series Playsets

We’re introducing a new concept for our 2017 playsets: the ‘Tri-Series.’

The Tri-Series takes each subject (the Revolutionary War, for example) and offers three separate, but inter-connected, sets to explore the campaign or battle. Each Tri-Series playset can stand on its own. When you combine all three sets in the range they create a broad canvas upon which you and your children can rewrite history.
The contents of each playset in every range is over 95% unique, with very little repetition of contents. Each playset is packed with top quality figures and accessories and heavily discounted. Purchase all three in the range and save an extra 10%. And all our playsets ship free to U.S. domestic addresses!
TSCPCS03-024k Playset 1 detail with text box

American Revolution Playset #1 – The Early Years (170 pieces. A $305.86 value, you save 55% over retail cost – with free domestic shipping)…..$139.00
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TSCPCS03-024k Playset 2 detail with text box

American Revolution Playset #2 – Joining Battle (162 pieces. A $248.80 value, you save 45%, plus free domestic shipping)……….$139.00
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TSCPCS03-024k Playset 3 detail with text box

American Revolution Playset #3 – Yorktown (183 pieces. A $356.91 value, you save 49% plus free domestic shipping)……….$179.00
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TSCPCS03-024k (2)American Revolution Tri-Series Master Playset: includes Set #1, #2, and #3
(All three playsets: 524 pieces, a $891.30 value, you save an additional 10% by purchasing all three – with free domestic shipping)This master set combines all three of our Revolutionary War Tri-Series Playsets in one package. You get the Playset #1 Early Years, Playset #2 Joining Battle and Playset #3 Yorktown. By combining all three sets the resulting collection creates a broad canvas upon which you and your kids can rewrite history! Please note that the contents of each set are almost entirely different from the others in the range. When combining all three sets you will save a further 10% off the cost of the trio. …..$449.00
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Back in production: Western Accessories in 54mm plastic from New Ray

New Ray has resumed production of several popular 54mm plastic accessories, useful for Western and other setups.


NR171a Stage Coach

You can use this coach in a wide variety of historical settings, from the 17th century onward. The 2-horse coach features a driver, top luggage rack, rear luggage rack, painted horses, full (removable) harnesses, integrated axle assembly which allows the coach to turn as it is being pulled across the floor, spinning wheels, and solid, sturdy construction. The harnesses are already on the horses. All you have to do is attach them to the wagon. assembly required. Measures 10 inches long x 4 high x 3 wide. ……………………………….$14.95
View/order on website

NR130a Two-Story Wood Frame House

NR130a Two-Story Wood Frame House

Sturdy and immediately usable (no assembly required) in dioramas, gaming and other displays, this excellent item features fine details such as a wrap-around porch, tilt-up roof (for putting figures inside), plenty of room at doors and windows for shootouts and 3 different shades of brown plastic to give it a realistic look. Although the building is unpainted, the dark brown color serves as a base and door and window frames, the mid-brown for roof elements and the lighter brown as the main color for the house. (2 views are shown. 54mm Airfix 7th Cavalryman is shown for scale and is not included) …..$44.00 view/order on website

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Mars Expands 54mm Plastic Vietnam Era Range with NVA Regulars

Long-awaited N.V.A. Regulars!

Mars of Ukraine has just released a set of N.V.A. Regulars, expanding their range of Vietnam Era 54mm plastic toy soldiers. The set includes 15 figures in 8 poses, armed with AK47 pattern rifles, WWII Era Mosin-Nagant Soviet surplus rifles, RPG7 rocket-propelled grenade launchers and an officer with a pistol and binoculars.

The Vietnam range now numbers four sets: Vietcong, U.S. Marines, U.S. Infantry, and now N.V.A. Regulars.

View all of Mars of Ukraine 54mm figures on our website here.

New from Expeditionary Force: Persian Army Range Expanded

Expeditionary Force has started off the new year with three one-of-a-kind sets for their Persian Army range. These supplementary units expand the Persian host’s defensive capabilities in ways that never been explored in either plastic or metal figures.

EXPPSN09 Ancient Persian Pavisiers and Archers - Sparabara

EXPPSN09 Ancient Persian Pavisiers and Archers – Sparabara

First is their “Sparabara” Unit (EXPPSN09). This set includes an officer, four Persian archers and four infantrymen who hold up huge wicker shields to protect the bowmen from counter-fire. Like many history buffs, I was aware of the Medieval Pavissiers, crossbowmen who sheltered behind large shields in order to afford themselves some protection from counter-fire while they reloaded, but this ancient version of the unit was new to me.  View/purchase set on our website here.

EXPPSN10 Ancient Persian Royal Guards

EXPPSN10 Ancient Persian Royal Guards

Next comes the Persian Royal Guard (EXPPSN10). The Great King’s personal protection set includes 8 spearmen, and a standard bearer who can also be equipped as an officer. This set features separate weapons, and includes “Hoplon” shields, the huge bronze discs originally carried by heavy Greek hoplite infantry. View/purchase set on our website here.

EXPPSN11 Ancient Persian Artillery with Bolt Shooters

EXPPSN11 Ancient Persian Artillery with Bolt Shooters

Finally – and the best one saved for last – is a set of ancient-era torsion-powered light artillery (EXPPSN11). To my knowledge, this is the first set of its kind ever offered in plastic! It includes an officer, four Persian artillerymen and four infantrymen who hold up huge wicker shields to protect the crewmen from counter-fire. The centerpiece of the set is a group of two torsion-powered bolt-throwers, whose missiles could reach out and decimate oncoming enemies at a great distance. A third bolt thrower is included as a spare.  I knew the Romans used this type of weapon to reinforce their defensive lines, but had never heard of such weapons being employed by the Persians. What a great addition to the Expeditionary Force range, which now numbers over 90 sets! View/purchase set on our website here.

All sets are cast in tan-colored plastic and are in perfect scale to Expeditionary Force’s Greeks, as well as Toy Soldiers of San Diego’s and Fencibles’ ancient-era figures. Each set comes with separate interchangeable weapons. All must be assembled, but because they all come with extra parts, the possibilities for customization are enormous.

View the entire range of Expeditionary Force of Singapore on our website here.

Christmas Gift Ideas: Our 2016 Top Five Playsets

Every year, we field calls and emails from customers eager to know the best value gift for toy soldiers. Our answer is: playsets! Purchase a plastic toy soldier playset and you provide a chance for a kid or adult enthusiast to set up and/or play a battle. Both sides in an engagement are represented, often with accessories like buildings or artillery to anchor the fun. The playsets are discounted heavily, and we ship them for free! View all our 131 playset on our website.

Back in the 1950-70s, the Sears Wish Book sears-wish-book-vintage-ad-with-fort-apache-and-the-alamocontained a range of playsets from Marx Toys. Many remember those pages fondly – and remember the excitement of finding a playset under the Christmas tree. Marx is no longer in business, but we carry recasts of their figures as well as models from many other manufacturers. Inspired by Marx, we’ve produced a huge variety of our own playsets for over thirty years. We offer painted versions of playsets in addition to unpainted ones. They don’t cost $7.95 as they did in the 1950’s, but our playsets offer great value.

Here’s a selection of our most popular playsets for 2016:

Deluxe Painted American Revolution Playset (45 pieces)...$279

Deluxe Painted American Revolution Playset (45 pieces)…$279 view/purchase

Battle Ready WW II D-Day Playset (109 pieces)...$119

Battle Ready WW II D-Day Playset (109 pieces)…$119 view/purchase

Deluxe Marx Recast Alamo Playset (222 pieces)...$169

Deluxe Marx Recast Alamo Playset (222 pieces)…$169  view/purchase

Deluxe Pickett's Charge Playset (392 pieces)...$299

Deluxe Pickett’s Charge Playset (392 pieces)…$299  view/purchase

Deluxe Vietnam War Jungle Battle

Deluxe Vietnam War Jungle Battle (191 pieces)…$279 view/purchase

View all our 131 playset on our website.

New from Expeditionary Force: Ancient Persian ‘Immortals’ in Robes – first of their Persians with interchangeable weapons

Expeditionary Force of Singapore has released a new set of Ancient Persian Immortals, their first Persians with interchangeable weapons. These figures arrive with weapons cast separately. They can be easily changed between figures, allowing for greater flexibility, and minimizing the bending that can occur when weapons and arms are cast in one piece.  Expeditionary Force has already produced ten Persian sets, including a first version Immortals set. Including color variations, we now have 90 sets of Expeditionary Force listed on our website – an incredible number from this young company.


Expeditionary Force’s Ancient Persian ‘Immortals’ in Robes – view/order on our website

Greek and Trojan Chariot – New 54mm Plastic from LOD Enterprises

LOD entered the toy soldier market last year with a first rate set
of Trojan War-era Greek and Trojan infantry. Now they are introducing
a supplementary chariot set which captures the mobile
warfare tactics of age of heroes. The set includes 2 fully assembled chariots, a Greek driver and 2 warriors plus a Trojan driver and 2 warriors. All are armed and armored in era-appropriate weapons and accoutrements.



LDE02 Greek and Trojan Chariot Set – link to view/order