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Starlux Vintage 60mm Plastic Knights – An Astonishing Variety of Poses and Paint Variations

Over the past year we’ve been photographing and posting listings for our deep stock of nearly 20,000 Starlux 60mm plastic toy soldiers.  This venerable French manufacturer flourished in the second half of the 20th century, but is sadly long out of business.

We were America’s most active dealer of these beautiful toys in their heyday, and introduced their extensive ranges of Ancients and Medievals, Cowboys and Indians, World War II and Renaissance models to many new collectors. Among other qualities, Starlux had a singular devotion to pose variations rarely rivaled by other plastic toy soldier manufacturers, as evidenced by over 100 different medieval models and over 200 French Napoleonic figures! We’ve now sorted, photographed and listed their range of “choc” painted knights, which are similar to Britains Deetail figures. The largest sets we offer from this range contain as many as 27 distinct poses – and are cast in different hues and painted in colorful details.

View all of our current Starlux offerings by visiting the Starlux section of our website: Starlux plastic toy soldiers. To view the knights, use the Era filter option (in the left-hand column) to select the Middle Ages.

It’s rare to find a manufacturer which was able to produce so many different poses within such a wide variety of historical eras. Marx did it before they closed their doors in the 1970s. Starlux went there before their demise in the early 2000’s. In today’s market, only Expeditionary Force has taken on this challenge.

See a slide show of some of Starlux’s Medieval sets below.

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Our January 2019 Print Flyer – now ready to view

Because we began as a mail order company long before there was an internet, we’ve always relied on print materials to showcase our goods. We now print a short flyer every two months or so, and our latest issue is now available for viewing in pdf format. We enclose the printed version with every order.