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New Playset Range: Battle of Thermopylae with painted plastic figures

Here’s a new range of painted playsets recreating the Battle of Thermopylae, using highly-detailed painted plastic figures – some of our best figures! Check out the detail shots to see these beautiful paint jobs, created by our in-house painter.
Painted Thermopylae Playset

Painted Thermopylae Playset TSCPCS03-001ee view on our website


Deluxe Painted Thermopylae Playset

Deluxe Painted Thermopylae Playset TSCPCS03-001ff view on our website


Super-Deluxe Painted Thermopylae Playset

Super-Deluxe Painted Thermopylae Playset TSCPCS03-001gg view on our website

View all of our playsets by visiting the Playset section of our website

New Playset Range: World War II ‘A Bridge Too Far’

With the coming of Fall, we traditionally introduce the year’s new playsets, and 2020 is no exception. First up is a World War II project which has been gestating for many moons: Operation Market Garden “A Bridge Too Far.” We have been unable to create this set before because of a shortage of proper bridges, low stocks on boats for the river crossing and a lack of British Paratroops. But we found a great girder bridge, laid in good stocks of boats and recently uncovered a full carton of the long-discontinued Airfix British Paratroops.
These playsets were a challenge to create, and a lot of fun to set up. Click through on the pictures and you’ll find the full playset descriptions, plus many close-up photos. This year we’ve also created videos of each playset photo shoot, with narration describing the contents.
WWII ‘A Bridge Too Far’ Playset #1 -The British Advance
View details and more pix on our website

WWII ‘A Bridge Too Far’ Playset #2 – Waal River Crossing. View details and more pix on our website

WWII ‘A Bridge Too Far’ Playset #3: Defense of Arnhem. View details and more pix on our website.