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New Playset Range: Battle of Thermopylae with painted plastic figures

Here’s a new range of painted playsets recreating the Battle of Thermopylae, using highly-detailed painted plastic figures – some of our best figures! Check out the detail shots to see these beautiful paint jobs, created by our in-house painter.
Painted Thermopylae Playset

Painted Thermopylae Playset TSCPCS03-001ee view on our website


Deluxe Painted Thermopylae Playset

Deluxe Painted Thermopylae Playset TSCPCS03-001ff view on our website


Super-Deluxe Painted Thermopylae Playset

Super-Deluxe Painted Thermopylae Playset TSCPCS03-001gg view on our website

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New from Expeditionary Force: Persian Army Range Expanded

Expeditionary Force has started off the new year with three one-of-a-kind sets for their Persian Army range. These supplementary units expand the Persian host’s defensive capabilities in ways that never been explored in either plastic or metal figures.

EXPPSN09 Ancient Persian Pavisiers and Archers - Sparabara

EXPPSN09 Ancient Persian Pavisiers and Archers – Sparabara

First is their “Sparabara” Unit (EXPPSN09). This set includes an officer, four Persian archers and four infantrymen who hold up huge wicker shields to protect the bowmen from counter-fire. Like many history buffs, I was aware of the Medieval Pavissiers, crossbowmen who sheltered behind large shields in order to afford themselves some protection from counter-fire while they reloaded, but this ancient version of the unit was new to me.  View/purchase set on our website here.

EXPPSN10 Ancient Persian Royal Guards

EXPPSN10 Ancient Persian Royal Guards

Next comes the Persian Royal Guard (EXPPSN10). The Great King’s personal protection set includes 8 spearmen, and a standard bearer who can also be equipped as an officer. This set features separate weapons, and includes “Hoplon” shields, the huge bronze discs originally carried by heavy Greek hoplite infantry. View/purchase set on our website here.

EXPPSN11 Ancient Persian Artillery with Bolt Shooters

EXPPSN11 Ancient Persian Artillery with Bolt Shooters

Finally – and the best one saved for last – is a set of ancient-era torsion-powered light artillery (EXPPSN11). To my knowledge, this is the first set of its kind ever offered in plastic! It includes an officer, four Persian artillerymen and four infantrymen who hold up huge wicker shields to protect the crewmen from counter-fire. The centerpiece of the set is a group of two torsion-powered bolt-throwers, whose missiles could reach out and decimate oncoming enemies at a great distance. A third bolt thrower is included as a spare.  I knew the Romans used this type of weapon to reinforce their defensive lines, but had never heard of such weapons being employed by the Persians. What a great addition to the Expeditionary Force range, which now numbers over 90 sets! View/purchase set on our website here.

All sets are cast in tan-colored plastic and are in perfect scale to Expeditionary Force’s Greeks, as well as Toy Soldiers of San Diego’s and Fencibles’ ancient-era figures. Each set comes with separate interchangeable weapons. All must be assembled, but because they all come with extra parts, the possibilities for customization are enormous.

View the entire range of Expeditionary Force of Singapore on our website here.

11/13 Update: Expeditionary Force Macedonian series now in stock!

As of November 13, these sets are now in stock!

Alexander the Great is on the Horizon!

Expeditionary Force has just announced its newest sets, which recreate the all-conquering army of Alexander the Great. Six new sets are due this November, each representing a unique unit in the Macedonian war host.

EXP115(above) EXP115 – Cretan Archers – $32.00 per set of 9 figures

The island of Crete was famed in the ancient world for the unchallenged skill of their archers. Armies from Greece and Rome fielded substantial units of these elite mercenary troops. They served in Xenophon’s army during the March of the 10,000 around 400BCE, formed a strong missile arm of the Macedonian host during the reigns of Philip and Alexander, and went on the serve the Romans during the eras of the Republic and Empire. Later, they served the Byzantines until the fall of the city in 1453.

EXP116(above) EXP116 – Macedonian Hypaspists – $32.00 per set of 9 figures

The Macedonian Hypaspist was the equivalent of the heavy Greek Hoplite infantryman. Armed with a hoplon shield, heavy spear (with a sword for backup) a bronze helmet and body armor, these elite troops were tasked with guarding the exposed right flank of a phalanx in battle, and were prominent in siege warfare. They were also used for irregular duties. Composed of the sons of Macedon’s ruling class, they were also tasked with forming Alexander’s personal bodyguard.EXP117(above) EXP117 – Macedonian Phalangites – $32.00 per set of 9 figures

The central infantry component of the Macedonian army was the phalanx. This unit was composed of veteran warriors armed with 16-foot long “Sarissa” pikes, and armored with small shields, bronze helmets and body armor. Created by Philip of Macedon and carried on through the reign of Alexander and the heirs of his empire, these troops are generally considered to be among the greatest military units ever fielded. Trained to a peak of perfection, the phalangites were able to execute complex military maneuvers far beyond the abilities of the armies they faced. Further, they were, for over 150 years (ca 350 BCE-197 BCE) unbeatable in pitched battle. Both Alexander and Phillip used the phalanx to pin an enemy in place, then struck the killing blow with their well-trained cavalry.

EXP118(above) EXP118 – Macedonian Prodromoi – $36.00 per set of 5 mounted figures and 5 horses

The cavalry arm of Macedon’s army under Philip and Alexander was unchallenged in the ancient world. Among the regular forces they fielded were “Prodromoi” lancers, armed with bronze-tipped 14-foot wooden spears, used for shock and responsible for guarding the right flank of the all-important Companion cavalry.

EXP119(above) EXP119 – Macedonian Thessalian Cavalry – $36.00 per set of 5 mounted figures and 5 horses

Considered the finest cavalry in Greece at the time of Philip and Alexander, the Thessalians accompanied Macedonian armies into battle through the first part of the Asian expedition and, later, served the Macedonian throne until its overthrow by Rome. Armed with a variety of weapons, including javelins, the 14-foot xyston lance and a shorter fighting spear, they also carried a sword for close-in fighting.

EXP120(above) EXP120 – Alexander the Great and Companion Cavalry Cavalry – $36.00 per set of 5 mounted figures and 5 horses

Arguably the greatest military genius of all time, Alexander the Great won an unprecedented number of battles across three continents and in just 10 years established the greatest empire the world had ever seen, surpassed only by Rome after hundreds of years of conquests. He was not only a military master who never lost a battle, but he worked to establish trade and bring peace across his vast territories, built 20 cities that carried his name, was declared a god, and fostered education on a wide scale. His battle tactics involved the combined arms of heavy infantry, light missile troops, shock cavalry and the all-important “Companion” cavalry unit which he personally led into combat. The Alexander figure in this set can be used as a regular companion because the manufacturer includes an additional head.

You can view the entire range of Expeditionary Force on our website here.