Our 2022 Summer Flyer – now ready for viewing

Because we began as a mail order company long before there was an internet, we’ve always employed print materials to showcase our goods. We now print a short flyer every one or two months. Our latest issue is now available for viewing in pdf format. We enclose the printed version with every order. Click on the image to view the flyer in pdf format.

2022-07 Flyer-1

Click to view in pdf format

Visit the Resources page on our website to view other print flyers and email newsletters.

One response to “Our 2022 Summer Flyer – now ready for viewing

  1. Marcel de Jong

    Best Mr. Delson,

    I’m a great fan of the approach you and your friends follow in toysoldiering in general and Harold’s Rangers in special. I own a copy of your rulebook and I am inspired every time I play a game or even go through the pages.
    To celebrate this inspiration I would like to build my own Harold Godwinson figure, as the one you picture in the rulebook photo’s and here, online.
    My modest question now is what figures you’ve used to ‘create’ him.
    Thank you for the fun I’ve already had with my friends and figures, backboned by Harold‘s Rangers!


    Marcel, the Netherlands


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