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New Playsets for 2017: The Alamo Tri-Series

The Alamo is among the most popular periods for toy soldier collectors. Many have fond memories of the original Marx Alamo playset, first issued in the 1950s. This year we are offering three related but independent sets for our new Tri-Series Alamo range.


Alamo Playset #1 – Marx Alamo……………………………..$139.00
(176 pieces. A $297.34 value, you save 53% from retail cost – with free domestic shipping)
This playset is as close as one can get to the original Marx tin litho Davy Crockett Alamo, including recasts of just about everything that can be found in the sets Marx made in the 1960s. read more/purchase on our website


Alamo Playset #2 – Expansion Set……………………………$149
(149 pieces. A $458.70 value, you save 67% from retail cost – with free domestic shipping)
For those who already own an Alamo playset, this add-on greatly enlarges and enhances the experience. When Marx originally created their Alamo, they neglected to include a palisade wall, a cattle corral, a more substantial gate, a greater array of figures and a larger battery of cannon. This set is meant to do just that. Read more/purchase on our website


Alamo Playset #3 – Mexican Army Add-on……………………..$139
(156 pieces. A $317.06 value, you save 55% from retail cost – with free domestic shipping)
When Santa Anna besieged The Alamo, his 5,000 man army filled the surrounding countryside. When Marx created their original playset, the toy makers had to set their sights a lot lower. But now you can field an army worth its name in this big Mexican Army Expansion set. No buildings, no Texans, just a large force of Mexican infantry, cavalry and artillery, plus a slew of additional accessories to enrich the play experience.
read more/purchase on website


Marx Recast Alamo Master Playset – Combine all 3!…………$379.00
(All three playsets: 489 pieces. A $1045.50 value, you save 63% from retail cost – with free domestic shipping)
This master set combines all three of our Alamo Tri-Series Playsets in one package. You get the Marx Alamo (Playset #1) plus the two expansion playsets. By combining all three sets the resulting collection creates a broad canvas upon which you and your kids can rewrite history! read more/purchase on website