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New Playsets for 2017: American Civil War Tri-Series

The Civil War began with small engagements but expanded over four years to include many of the largest land battles ever fought in the Western Hemisphere. This year, we’ve designed our Civil War playsets on our new ‘Tri-Series’ system. Each of the three playsets stands alone, combine them to create bigger and richer setups for wargaming or display.


Civil War Playset #1 – Marx Recast Early War…..$139.00
(283 pieces – Almost all Marx Recasts! A $545.41 value, you save over 74% from retail cost – with free domestic shipping)
This playset provides young collectors with the soldiers and accessories to refight such battles as First Bull Run (First Manassas), Seven Pines, Seven Days Battles, Second Bull Run, Shiloh, Antietam, Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. read more/purchase on website


American Civil War Playset #2 – Pickett’s Charge…..$139.00
(246 pieces. A $305.45 value, you save over 54% from retail cost – with free domestic shipping)
After 2 days of heavy fighting at Gettysburg, it was apparent that the Confederates either had to withdraw or break the Union Army. What followed has become known as “Pickett’s Charge,” a gamble by Lee to pierce the Union center and force the Yanks to retreat.  read more/purchase on website


American Civil War Playset #3 – The Late War…..$139.00
(178 pieces. A $270.85 value, you save 48% from retail cost – with free domestic shipping)
This third set in our Civil War tri series includes a wide range of figures and accessories intended to recreate such late-war battles as Atlanta, Franklin, Chickamauga, The Wilderness, the 1864 Valley Campaign, New Market, Cedar Creek and the Siege of Petersburg. Like the two previous sets, it contains a unique mix of figures and accessories which only slightly replicate any items seen in the earlier two sets. read more/purchase on website


American Civil War Tri-Series Master Playset…..$369.00
(705 pieces. A $1092.11 value, you save over 64% from retail cost – with free domestic shipping)
This master set combines all three of our American Civil War Tri-Series Playsets in one package. You get the Playset #1 Early Years, Playset #2 Pickett’s Charge and Playset #3 Late War.The collection creates a broad canvas upon which you and your kids can rewrite history!  read more/purchase on website

We also offer American Civil War playsets featuring painted plastic figures. View all our Civil War Playsets here.