New Playsets for 2017: World War II D-Day Tri-Series Range

We continue the introduction of our new 2017 playsets with the D-Day Tri-Series range. Each one stands alone, buy two or all three and build a huge set-up at a great price.


WW II D-Day Playset #1 – Hit the Beach………………………..$159.00
(208 pieces. A $380.10 value, you save over 50% from retail cost – with free domestic shipping)
The greatest sea-borne invasion in history took place on June 6, 1944 – D-Day. After fighting Hitler’s Nazi regime for 5 years, the Allies, including the U.S., Great Britain, Canada, the Free French and eight other nations, finally took the war to his doorstep by landing at dawn on the Normandy Coast of France. The landings were met at the waterline by a series of prepared defenses known as “The Atlantic Wall.”
read more/purchase on website


WW II D-Day Playset #2 – Breakthrough…………………..$159.00
(148 pieces. A $274.15 value, you save over 42% from retail cost – with free domestic shipping)
The battle for the Normandy beaches was brutal and hard-fought, due to the tenacity of the German defenders, the brilliant sighting of their machine guns and artillery, and the ever-present threat of their vaunted armored units appearing for a counter-offensive. But the Allies were just as determined to fight their way through. read more/purchase on website


WW II D-Day Playset #3 – War from Above………………..$159.00
(151 pieces. A $412.00 value, you save over 61% from retail cost – with free domestic shipping)
Can your intrepid airborne warriors silence a gun battery (in the tradition of Lt. Winters from “Band of Brothers”), eliminate a German strong point and “hold until relieved” by the units fighting their way off the beaches?  read more/purchase on website

WW II D-Day Playset Tri-Series Master Set…………….$429.00
(All three D-Day Playsets: 507 pieces, a $1023.65 value, you save an extra 10% over buying each set separately – with free domestic shipping)
This master set combines all three of our WWII D-Day Playsets in one package. You get “Hit the Beach,” “Breakthrough” and “War From Above” all in one package. By combining all three sets the resulting collection creates a broad canvas upon which you and your kids can rewrite history! Please note that the contents of each set are almost entirely different from the others in the range. read more/purchase on website 

View all our World War II playsets on our website – currently numbering 28 – here


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