Back in production: Western Accessories in 54mm plastic from New Ray

New Ray has resumed production of several popular 54mm plastic accessories, useful for Western and other setups.


NR171a Stage Coach

You can use this coach in a wide variety of historical settings, from the 17th century onward. The 2-horse coach features a driver, top luggage rack, rear luggage rack, painted horses, full (removable) harnesses, integrated axle assembly which allows the coach to turn as it is being pulled across the floor, spinning wheels, and solid, sturdy construction. The harnesses are already on the horses. All you have to do is attach them to the wagon. assembly required. Measures 10 inches long x 4 high x 3 wide. ……………………………….$14.95
View/order on website

NR130a Two-Story Wood Frame House

NR130a Two-Story Wood Frame House

Sturdy and immediately usable (no assembly required) in dioramas, gaming and other displays, this excellent item features fine details such as a wrap-around porch, tilt-up roof (for putting figures inside), plenty of room at doors and windows for shootouts and 3 different shades of brown plastic to give it a realistic look. Although the building is unpainted, the dark brown color serves as a base and door and window frames, the mid-brown for roof elements and the lighter brown as the main color for the house. (2 views are shown. 54mm Airfix 7th Cavalryman is shown for scale and is not included) …..$44.00 view/order on website

View all our New Ray accessories here

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