Playset Spotlight: Super Deluxe Untouchables Playset

Fall is upon us, and with it, the final phase of our annual playset preparation marathon. We begin in April and May, when new playsets are imagined and created in a spreadsheet program. June, July and August are traditionally the months when we set up and photograph the new sets. September, October and Early November are the launch dates of our new sets, and the months when the photos taken over the summer are processed in Photoshop. The production of our wide range of these all-in-one collections is the defining activity of every year, and has been so since we began making our own range of playsets in 1986.

One of the most exciting improvements we are introducing in our new web site is the ability to display more than one photo of a given product. And, since many of our playsets are quite large, the opportunity to show closeups of specific elements of a given set is very. very exciting to me.

Take, for example, our large painted playsets, which took months to develop, gathering figures and accessories from different international manufacturers which were then packaged into a range of integrated collections.

In this blog post you can see the photos from one of my favorites subjects: the Untouchables. I had great fun last summer spending a day setting up these mini-dioramas to photograph. If you’d like you can view the Super Deluxe Untouchables Playset on the website by clicking here.  Or check out the gallery of pictures below. Click on any photo to expand it to full-page size.

TSCPCS03-093e Super Deluxe Painted Untouchables for 2013


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