Waterloo Toy Soldier Display for Waterbury Symphony Season Opener

On October 1, my wife Jenny and I set up a diorama of two scenes from the Battle of Waterloo, using 54mm painted plastic figures from my personal collection. The event was the season opener for the Waterbury (CT) Symphony Orchestra, on organization Jenny’s mother, Carol Gilbert, has been involved with for many years. The concert was billed as ‘Heroic Beethoven’ and opened with ‘Wellington’s Victory,’ a piece Beethoven scored for orchestra and marching soldiers. The soldiers appeared in the piece, courtesy of the 5th Connecticut Regiment Military Reenactment Ensemble. I took my own photos, and hope to have time one day to post them. These pictures were taken by the Symphony photographer, at a quiet moment when the re-enactors  had a chance to see the display.

Front view – Hougoumont

Jamie and Jenny Delson, Carol Gilbert

Re-enactors on stage with the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra


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